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This brand, which is regarded as the pinnacle and the final point of tech wear, is also being handled from this season, and is finally arriving in Japan.


You can see the brand introduction and product description here, so we would like to talk about the background of this brand and the items in stock this time.

To tell the truth, iii3 has been dealing with ACRONYM more than 10 years ago, and even then, ACRONYM was unrivaled in the world of techwear.
ACRONYM is a brand that is well-known in the techwear industry, and has been featured in numerous brands such as NikeLabACG, Stone Island, ARC'TERYX, tilak, and so on. He was alreadythe pinnacle of techwear, and had directed numerous brandssuch as NikeLabACG, STONE ISLAND, ARC'TERYX, and tilak.

As he directed other brands, the brand value of his own brand, ACRONYM, steadily increased, and here we are today.

I think the reason behind this is the flexibility of the brand, which expanded its horizons beyond functional categories such as tech, outdoors, and sports through the collaboration with the game "DEATH STRANDING" in 2020.
This was an opportunity to build a following in the entertainment field, such as e-sports and survival games.

This is how ACRONYM was created today, and its uniqueness and unorthodoxy are well reflected in its creations.

The models released by ACRONYM are assigned a model number, and the model number is upgraded through seasonal updates, and when the product is deemed complete, it is removed from the collection.

Such industrial products are what attracts the viewer.

This time, the products are sold by reservation, and the following two items will be sold in stores.


① is called Inter Ops Jacket (a.k.a. Operation Jacket) and is a popular item number starting with J1 and is a signature model.

Force Lock : Earphone holder with neodymium magnet. It is placed around the neck.
Jacket Sling : A strap to carry your jacket when you take it off. This season it is zipped.
Escape Zip :A zip used on firefighters' uniforms to prevent fire from spreading and can be fully opened with a single touch.

It features several special mechanisms as described above.
The Gore-Tex 3-layer system is windproof, waterproof, and boasts excellent breathability.
With these features, this outerwear is made with the goal of exceeding mil-spec.


② is commonly known as whirlwind leg pants (applicable only in Japan), and was developed by designer Errolson Hugh, who devoted his childhood to karate, because there were no pants in his closet that he could release a spinning kick while wearing.
There is a theory that the name came from a game that was popular at the time.

Both of these part numbers are more than enough to appreciate the functional beauty of ACRONYM®️.
We hope you will try them on in our stores.

We look forward to seeing you at our store.

Click here to see items from ACRONYM ®️

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