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NTN, which we have been dealing with since its debut season, has just received items for its second season, 23AW.

This time we would like to introduce NTN's 2023 A/W.


NTN 2023 A/W

Pole To Pole.

NTN 2023 A/W is a collection of "Pole To Pole", which is expressed as "BETA" with the collection, as the endless trial-and-error process of creating a better product, rather than a finished product.

BETA001] FALL-WINTER 23 COLLECTION, the second collection, is based on the theme of "Pole To Pole" = "from pole to pole," and is inspired by a traversing journey from the North Pole to the South Pole, as well as one's own inner poles and multifaceted nature.

This season, the colors seen in nature, snow, sky, and ocean in various blues, plums, and citrons, coexist with urban black and khaki green.

The functional details, structures, and materials of outdoor wear were crossed over with classical items to express a new functional beauty. The relationship between gender and clothing was reconsidered by broadening the perspective further,

By boldly changing the balance of clothing for different body types, the brand presents the freedom of choice and possibilities for the wearer.

The signature "BETA" products, which are timeless and transform with the times and people with each passing season, expand the daily lives of the wearer while maintaining functionality and durability.


Because NTN has the ability to work as a chief patterner for one of Japan's leading collection brands, we have added the meaning of repetition to the symbol "BETA, I was convinced that NTN is able to create an expression that is not bound by seasons, which is the opposite of the expression of a collection.

However, the number of models in this second season has increased significantly compared to the debut collection, and the breadth and depth of the designs can be seen.

In particular, as this is the first A/W season, attention is drawn to outerwear, whether we like it or not.

We have selected padded items that we feel particularly shine in our store.
The warmth of the high-performance padding is warmer than it looks and will keep you comfortable.
We hope you will try it out.

Click here to see NTN's collection.

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