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This year we were able to meet many new talents.
Among them, one brand in particular has been pure and straight to the point: tokio.

Our encounter with tokio is not a recent one, but we feel that we have spent so much time or so close to each other between the designer Tokio Kimura and iii3 that it is impossible to write it all down here.

tokio's worldview is the expression of what the designer has experienced, learned, and thought during his time in Japan. The worldview of tokio is expressed through the design of what the designer has experienced, learned, and thought about in the time he or she has spent.
The past, the future, the present, and sometimes even the timeline are all mixed together to form tokio as a single history.

This season, under the theme of "IN THE NAME OF (anarchist.)", we want to meet (or betray) the expectations of everyone associated with the brand and express our gratitude.

For example, the designer's mindset is expressed in the bold embroidery of positive and negative words on jackets, divided into two parts around the front, and the season's theme is displayed on the back of bomber jackets in patchwork.

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to expose yourself.
However, I strongly felt that when the desire as an expressive person exceeds the fear, such clothes can be made.

I believe that everyone has their own favorite form of expression.
Music, paintings, movies, plays, etc. ... We never think about the finiteness of their creations in our daily lives, but I am sure that they are always next to the end because they are grinding their souls to the bone to express themselves.

Just as the seasons of a fashion brand are never the same, the designers have gone through many hesitations before arriving at their current expressions, and we must face them with sincerity.

This is a long and rigid (like steel) article, but please take it with a light heart.
I believe that a sense of fun and flexible thinking is what makes fashion enjoyable.

We look forward to seeing you all at our store.
tokio's entire product line is here.

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